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Tuition and Fees

2023/2024 School Year

                                      1 Child                      2 Children

Five half days:   $425.00/month    $755.00/month

Five all days:     $1215.00/month  $2185.00/month 

$150 nonrefundable registration/activity fee

Primary Prep

2023/2024 School Year

                                   1 Child                      2 Children

AM:                  $13 per day        $24 per day 

PM:                  $19 per day         $36 per day 

Both:                $32 per day        $60 per day

Early Dismissal/Snow Delay:      $12 per day additional (per child)

Full Days Only:                           $45 per day (per child) 

Full Day with Field Trip:             $50 per day (per child)


$50 nonrefundable/nondeductible Registration Fee

$150 nonrefundable/deductible Application Fee

The charge is a per day fee for only days used and is payable weekly. 

2023 Summer Program

Younger Child (N-K)                                              $2470.00   +   $150 activity fee

Older Child (1st-8th grade)                       $2545.00  + $275 activity fee

We apply a $250 discount to the second child. 


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